March 19: Proxy Preview 2020 Released - See Press Releases
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The Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. We conduct impartial research and publish reports on organized efforts to influence corporate behavior on social and environmental issues.

Si2 closely follows shareholder resolutions proposed by investor activists, analyzing changing reform campaigns and identifying key points of contention in reports that help investors to make informed, independent decisions about their votes and views on these proposals. We also publish related reports for the public on selected topics.

We believe our robust, non-partisan analysis of corporate sustainability concerns informs investor, company and stakeholder dialogues, helping to identify better solutions. Working as an independent institute differentiates Si2 from other companies, activists and researchers in the field. We do not advocate for specific solutions but seek to build a body of agreed knowledge for smart policy-making.

News & Votes

JAN. 16: The Securities and Exchange Commission on Nov. 5 proposed changes to Rule 14a-8, which regulates how shareholder proposals are handled. At the same time, the SEC also proposed changes to regulations for proxy advisory firms. Comments on both are due by Feb. 3 and a final rule is expected by mid-April. The proposals would make it harder to file proposals, increase requirements for resubmitting resolutions and impose new restrictions on advisors. Changes are not likely to have any substantial impact on the 2020 proxy season; but the final rule, if approved as proposed, is likely to have a significant impact in 2021.